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APACC 2019

POLISAS APACC Organization Chart

Benefits Of APACC

1. Greater workforce mobility and mutual recognition of qualifications in Asia and the Pacific region

2. Quality and employable workforce in member countries through APACC coordination among its network of institutions, agencies and other stakeholders

3. Employer confidence on the selection of employees coming from accredited institutions. Accreditation status is important to employers when evaluating credentials of job applicants and when deciding to provide support for current employees seeking further education

4. International recognition of the institutions' quality, accountability, and public trust

5. Eligibility and reliability of TVET institutions for funding support from donors and other lending agencies

6. Part of a regional network of quality institutions that expand schooling and learning opportunities for students

7. Transferability of credits earned by a student among educational institutions. Receiving institutions take note of whether or not the credits a student needs to transfer have been earned from an accredited institution.

Slaid Akreditasi Semula APACC Fasa 2

Timeline APACC 2019

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